Hosting A Turkey Dinner In A Month Other Than November

IMG_3315We like out of the ordinary, we like doing whats out of the ordinary. So one day we decided to have a turkey dinner amidst the hustle and bustle of normal life. Here is a little snippet of what it was like.

Lets began with drinks, as you can see in the photo, there are 6 bottles of wine on the table. I am not a wine drinker in the slightest. I cannot pick wine, so we have a wine subscription. We either use Winc, or Blue Apron for our wine subscription. But in the other room we had mixed beverages. As well as waters for the taking.

The photo is very busy. We can work our way around the table. Starting from the nearest item on the left side. There is a ham, purchased from honey baked ham. A pesto parmesan bread bowl. A oven baked turkey. It didn’t fit on the table, but we did have a turkey we made in the bbq as well, keeping warm in the other room. The salad prepared is spring mix, I topped it in tomatoes that had been marinated over night in balsamic vinegar. Drained them and added them into the salad. I took the greek inspired route, adding feta, purple onion, and a dressing that wouldn’t be too overwhelming.

As we continue to work around the table, the covered dish is sweet potatoes, next to that is mashed potatoes. In route to the table is sweet potatoes with brown sugar, and marshmallows.

This meal was so filling and time consuming to make, for dessert we took the take-out route. There is a House Of Pies an hour drive (round trip) that we went to earlier that day, and picked up pumpkin pie, key lime, and a lemon meringue.

We had twelve of our friends over that night for a delicious meal. Despite all the work, it was so worth it. If you would like to see a post regarding the recipes I used, I’d be happy to post some for you. See you all soon!

P.S you’ll be alright

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