Hosting The Perfect Brunch

fullsizeoutput_e7aWhile I may host a spectacular brunch, perfected in grace and elegance, I never manage to take a picture when the table is all set and the food is ready. But this photo should give you an inkling of my style as a hostess. If you are curious about any of our place settings or table runners, ask away, and I will organize a post with links and such. While this is brunch, the wine glasses are set out for anything from water to mimosa’s and sangria.

These are the recipes of the items I serve at my brunch’s.

As our guests arrived we have a few items set out for the munching

  • Firstly, a honey lime rainbow fruit salad

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

  • Accompanied by a tomato, cucumber, avocado salad

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

Two items that I have since served at every brunch, and volunteer to bring to any brunchin or luncheon are the dishes that follow

This vegetable spiral tart was delicious beyond what words can express

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

I then made two quiches, one without meat and one with. Here are two wonderful recipes

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

Depending on how the food preparation went we are usually ready to topple over. Ive taken the easy way out and made a chocolate raspberry crescent ring desert

Check out the recipe! -> Clich here ->     

If I was feeling extra ambitious I will have pre made this white velvet layer cake

Check out the recipe! Click here ->       

This is by far one of the most difficult parties in which I throw but one of the tastiest. If you would like to come along via a photo blog of the next time I host brunch, leave me a comment and I’ll post some pictures!

P.S you’ll be alright


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