How To; Curly Hair



I grew up in a time when relaxers were the ultimate fix. Living in a humid climate didn’t make it any simpler. I found myself with mostly frizz. The story of my life was hair with a mind of its own. I have always hoped and dreamed for the perfect curls. Endlessly trying products, and yet again struggling for the right combinations. Which brings us to today. I have found what works for my hair, in the struggle, for the perfect curl in a curl confused world.

Growing up in the 70’s didn’t leave many options for curly hair care. We had an era of relaxed hair. A lack on curly hair education or lack of access to the proper products resulted in the worst hair styles of my life.

A distinct memory of my life was going to the hair salon in Burdines. The hair stylist didn’t see any other solution to my damaged hair than to cut it all off. Leaving a 13 year old with a near buzz cut. TRAUMATIC to say the least. If any picture did exist of me at that time, they have since been burned.

Time passed and with more of the generation fighting the same struggles, emerged solutions and curly hair therapy. It was a wave of change. In the 90’s my hair finally had a glimpse of hope. Fast forwarding to present day, there is a plethora of options and education for curly hair.

Along the way here are some tips I’ve learned:

1. Detangle curly hair only under running water preferably while rinsing conditioner out, using wide tooth comb or fingers.

2. Dry your hair with microfiber towel, if not available a cotton T-Shirt to dry hair not a Terry cloth towel, using a scrunch upward motion, this will decrease the frizz.

3. Never use a brush or comb hair when dry. Don’t use a comb or run fingers down your hair when applying product, use scrunching method adding product to bunches of hair.

Currently my hair product line of choice is Shea Moisture. My curls have been so happy.  Also I scrunch on a non alcohol gel to the ends. If in a hurry I will use the defuser, and my curls are defined. After I will scrunch Aragon oil to the ends.

The honest truth about my shampoo and conditioner regiment is that its ever changing. When I see a sale on my favorite products, its time to stock up. Here are some of the curly haired products I cannot seem to go without.

Shea Moisture is my product line of choice. As of February 2018, I am using Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo

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I follow suit with the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner

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Once I shampoo and condition my hair, I apply Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

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After apply product I like to let my hair dry, not touching it at all. Clipping my hair up, to help add volume to my curls.

Once it is dry I’ll achieved something like this:



I hope you learned a tip or two! Come back for a read soon.

P.S you’ll be alright

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