Healthy-ish Meals On A Budget; Lunch

As promised here I present to you part 2 in my series “Healthy-ish Meals On A Budget”. Today I will be sharing with you 7 lunch recommendations. At the end of this series I will be sharing my shopping list with totals to include the 21 meals, we’ll have discussed in total. All of my meal recommendations will share the same ingredients as to help save money, making almost all of my ingredients multi-use. A disclaimer that I did not add last time (as it did not apply) is that we rarely eat meat outside of chicken and turkey, occasionally we will include bacon in a recipe. I think almost, if not all my recipes would allow the meat to be substituted with another meat to fit your families taste buds or diet restrictions. On we go..

  1. Turkey Taco Lettuce Wrap

In the area in which I live ground chicken is usually on sale, a pound of lean ground turkey is under $3. I will make thin patties with them or cook it the same I would ground beef in a pan. In my shopping cart will be lettuce like the recipe describes, as well as whole wheat or multi grain bread, depending on sales possibly a wrap or flatbread. Something to take note of is grocery store bakeries have bread that goes on sale, making it less than $1. Buy that and freeze it (air tight) and use it through out the week. The recipe that I am sharing will work with any or the bread, wrap, outer shell that you would like to use. I would say I could make this recipe for less than $8 for 4 people, seeing as that almost all of these ingredients will be used in another recipe, if not more.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

2. Monte Cristo Inspired Chicken Sandwich

I won’t site a recipe for this because there wasn’t one that I could find that came near to the realm of healthy. When I say Monte Cristo inspired, to me that means dipped or coated in egg. For this recipe I would use ground chicken, first because it is cheaper, a one pound container is under $4 and would make lunch for two different days for us. I would make chicken patties. If you are on an especially tight budget, buy a pack on string cheese (it’ll come in handy with a lot of recipes) and slice it for your sandwiches. Add tomatoes caned or fresh (again, depends on your budget), and adjust your sandwich accordingly. You make your sandwich to your liking. Mine would be a cooked chicken patty, sliced cheese, and whatever veggies were in the budget that week, dipped in egg and cook it until it is a golden brown.

If you would like a recipe with step by step instructions, leave me a comment!

3. Crustless Spinach Quiche

In my grocery shopping I buy a 60 Ct of eggs, allowing me to make ample egg based recipes for my family. A crustless quiche is made with items that will already be in my kitchen because they are items used in other recipes. Making this one of the inexpensive, yet delicious recipes for the week. I stick to frozen spinach for this recipe.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

4. Turkey Avocado Grilled Cheese

I will link a recipe below for this one, but here are the adjustments I make for my family. Sometimes bacon isn’t really in the budget, or in the plan for the week. Like I stated earlier, I plan my meals around the same ingredients to allow for a cheaper weekly shopping trip. I find we never use a whole package of bacon and end up wasting too much of it. So I do not include bacon in my recipe. I will have already purchased my multi grain bread on sale from the grocery store bakery, I will use that for the bread. In my home it is a necessity to have avocado on hand. I do include avocado when I make this recipe. To save money I will use the sliced string cheese, if I didn’t have any shredded cheese left over from other recipes, or if my recipes didn’t call for cheese that week.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

5. Turkey Bruschetta Panini

Depending on what was on sale that week at the grocery store, I will either use turkey patties that I make myself or sliced turkey breast. I like to purchase canned tomatoes, the night before I leave them in a covered bowl with some balsamic vinegar to absorb some flavor. Use the cheese I have on hand. As well as some of the bakery bread I had purchased. I personally don’t have a panini maker, so I will use a regular pan that I have and cook it for about 3 minutes on each side, covered.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

6. Black Bean Chicken Soup

This recipe calls for a little more preparation. I use canned black beans, whole wheat noodles or brown rice noodles (if I budgeted for them), if not some regular good old regular noodles (whatever was on sale).

Check out the recipe! Click here ->       

7. Coleslaw Chicken Salad

I would call this the frugal version of the recipe I will link. I wouldn’t use the peanuts or sesame seeds because they don’t appeal to me personally.

Check out the recipe! -> Click here ->      

There you go! Here are 7 lunch recipes in my “Healthy-ish Meals On A Budget” series. The next instillation will be very soon, which will be the dinner post! Play around with these recipes, adjust them to your liking, and your budget. There are definitely ways to be more budget savvy with some of these recipes.

I hope you enjoy.

P.S you’ll be alright

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