Healthy-ish Meal On A Budget; Breakfast Addition

I composed a list of 21 healthy-ish meal ideas. 7 for breakfast, 7 for lunch, and 7 for dinner. Posting each category separately. Reading all three posts will be important, they all share the same primary ingredients, which will aid in saving money. I will be making a series on my blog regarding meal planning, plans that reflect an extremely tight grocery budget of $50 a week, that will contain meals you’ll actually want to eat. To a list that reflects a happy medium of budget strapped or budget conscious, all the while still being health conscious (where we are at today), to everything in between.

We are a family of five, including my toddler grandson I care for 4-5 days out of the week, so my grocery list periodically changes with that in mind. I will be linking Pinterest recipes that I’ve followed and quite enjoyed, most I did make minor adjustments to what Items I had in my pantry. A blog will soon be uploaded of my “Pantry Staples”. Let’s jump in!

7 breakfast ideas: All at a easy to fairly easy to make. With time restrictions in mind.

  1. Oatmeal Strawberry Cups.

I do use frozen strawberries for this recipe. We are conscientiously trying to be less wasteful, since we cannot ever manage to go thru a whole container of strawberries. The perfect solution for us is frozen strawberries, and we will find use for the rest later on in either another recipe or the following week.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->       

2.  Egg in a hole bagel breakfast

Depending on having ripe avocado’s, I may include the smashed avocado that the recipe calls for. This falls under the “healthy-ish” category. If you use the wheat bagel, it is on the healthier side, but if all you have is plain bagels it’ll do just as well.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->       

3.   Egg muffins

This is one of the minimal ingredient recipes. It may be done two different ways. Fresh or frozen. If you have a pressing budget you’ll be able to use the frozen stir fry (onion, peppers, etc) for this recipe as well as one of the recipes in my 7 healthy-ish dinner recipes.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->    

4. Frozen yogurt bark

There wasn’t one recipe that I’ve fallen in like with, over time I’ve just blended a few recipes together. I won’t recommend one recipe, but possibly in the future I will upload one of my own. I usually can find a pack of 4 yogurts that have all the probiotics and good stuff on sale for a dollar and change. I will add frozen fruit. And another budget tip would be granola cereal from Aldi’s or a store brand and using that. Between the sweetness of the cereal and the yogurt, I don’t add any additional sweeteners. An extra bump of good stuff would be adding chia or flax seeds (the lowest I’ve seen them is for about $2 at Walmart, which would be for a small bag). Most recipes on Pinterest will make you enough for 2 or so breakfasts, which will help save a little money.

5. Banana bomb rice cakes

This is yet another one that I won’t link a recipe to, I find that it’ll be rather simple to put together based on your taste buds. There is a lot of either and or’s in this recipe.

Plain rice cake or chocolate rice cakes

Peanut butter, hazelnut spread, or almond butter

Bananas, strawberries, or a berry medley

Frozen or fresh

Flax seeds or chia seeds

While you’ll have to decide if you want to be healthy or healthy-ish on this recipe, I’m sure they would both be quite filling.

6. A breakfast bake

The reason I included this idea is because it’ll be ingredients that you already have when following my other “7 meal ideas”. This will be another one that I will post the recipe for later on, because there wasn’t simply one recipe or idea that made this breakfast. It’s a mixture of a Denver omelet (which is the recipe I’ll be linking) and a breakfast casserole. Here are my instructions; make the Denver omelet with the meat of you choice, and top it with a potato casserole. It’ll be very filling

Check out the recipe! ->      

7. Oatmeal energy bites, served with frozen fruit smoothie

The combination of the oatmeal energy bites and the fruit smoothie will keep you fuller longer.

Check out the recipe for the oatmeal energy bites! ->      

Check out the recipe for some yummy smoothies! ->      

Here is the first addition of the budget healthy-ish breakfast ideas! Please take from this what you can, but also don’t be afraid to substitute for things you like, and also making adjustments based on whats available in your kitchen.


P.S you’ll be alright

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