Healthy-ish Meals On A Budget; Dinner

This is this weeks final addition in the “Healthy-ish Meals On A Budget” series, seeing as this is the final meal of the night, it’s only fitting. The next post in this series that’ll follow is my grocery list and where we landed in our budget for all 21 meals that have been posted! I hope you enjoy!

1. Parmesan Chicken, Italian Roasted Potatoes, & Steamed Broccoli

To began, I will post the link for the chicken and the potatoes, but in true fashion here are my adjustments to the recipe. I stumbled upon this recipe for the first time last month, and that night I looked in my fridge and realized I didn’t have parmesan. So to this day, I don’t add parmesan. I make this recipe two different ways. The first was is with vegenaise, Mrs.Dash garlic and herb seasoning in the mixture, and I add a little bit of bread crumbs into the mixture. The second I make with mayo, the same garlic and herb seasoning, and bread crumbs. I do season the chicken prior to adding the mixture. I follow the cooking instructions in that recipe. The Italian roasted potatoes I season a little differently. I put them in a bowl with a little bit of olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper, and some dried oregano. Then cook as the recipe below instructs. I then use frozen steamed broccoli.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

2. Herb Chicken, Quinoa, Garlic Bread, & A Veggie

I’d doctor up the seasoning of the herb chicken based on what was available in my kitchen. I follow the instructions on the back on the bag of quinoa, I add some minced garlic clove. At the beginning of the week I purchase one package of garlic bread (the loaf kind) and divide it between two dinners. As per usual I will also serve a steamed veggie.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

3. Cilantro Lime Chicken, Rice, & A Veggie

The link to the chicken is here. I’ll make the rice as the package instructs, I’ll add cumin, a little salt, and pepper. Then a steamed veggie. The reason I choose steamed veggie, is because a bag that’ll feed us all our allotment of veggies for the night, is at the store for $1, I usually pic up the store brand. Fun-ish fact about frozen veggies; they are taken at optimum readiness, and instantly frozen.

Check out the recipe! Click here->      

4. Italian night; Spinach Stuffed Chicken, pasta, garlic bread, artichoke hearts, and a veggie

Like every recipe, adjust to what you have available. This would be the night I would use the other half of the garlic bread, serve some jarred artichoke hearts, and a steamed veggie.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->      

5. Gourmet Mac & Cheese

Some members of my household don’t consume bacon, so I would make or serve some sort of chips, and a black bean dip. The complete meal would be the gourmet Mac and cheese, some sort of chip or food delivery mechanism for the black bean dip to get from the plate to your mouth.

Check out the recipe! Click here ->    

Check out the recipe! Click here ->     

6. Ramen w/hard boiled eggs

I couldn’t site a recipe that matched what I had in mind. Ramen noodles, $1.94 for a 12 pack. Soy sauce. Canned corn. If you can get it, some green onion. Served with hard boiled eggs. If you are following my breakfast, lunch, and dinner grocery list for the week, you’ll already have flax seeds to add on top for some extra nutrients.

7. Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

I couldn’t seem to sight a recipe for this meal either. I use canned green Chile enchiladas sauce, corn tortillas, I divide one large can of sauce between mixing the chicken and topping the enchiladas once they are in the pan, add some cheese and voila!

This brings us to the end of our time together. We’ve talked about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 21 meals that work for me and my family. I now ask you to join me to see the shopping list for all these items. That post will be up shortly. I look forward to hearing how you liked this healthy-ish meal plan.

P.S you’ll be alright

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