P.S You’ll Be Alright

“Being a parent is is like folding a sheet. No one really knows how.” -Lenny Lemons

I have lived to tell the tale of raising three children. Surprise ending! We are all alright.  It has been a little while since I had a baby since my ‘kids’ are age 29, 27, and 20. In the end of 2016 we welcomed a grandchild, one who has thrown us full fledge back into the joy and little giggles, and many trips to the baby/kid sections at stores.

What is the theme or purpose of my blog? So easily we are defined by the little humans we love with all our heart, and the entrenchment of the daily tasks they fill.  My blog will focus on some of the adventures I had when my kids were young, currently aiding in raising a grandchild in the media age, simply some of my favorite things. What P.S You’ll Be Alright is truly about is the journey of a woman, who is a mother, wife, and a friend.

There isn’t one road to raising a “perfect child”. As a parent, it’s identifying the road that your children won’t have to recover from there childhood. Along the way, it’s important not to lose yourself.

I love music, and Hallmark movies. I’ve traveled all about. I am the Italian Mother of Three. And with absolute certainty I can tell you It’ll be alright. All the sleepless nights, paranoia, and pure fear will be all worth it when they flee the nest.

I hope you read along, laugh with me, cry with me. But most importantly share with me! I’d love to hear some of your crazy stories.

At a point in my life I realized I couldn’t be the only one who experienced all of the crazy encounters and adventures of raising three children.  And I want them to live on somewhere, forever, so far they are.

P.S You’ll Be Alright

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