I’ve Lived Half A Century, Here Is My Advice To My Younger Self

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day your seventeen and planning for someday, and then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday and this is your life.” -OTH

Words cannot be taken back, once they are spoken they are like feathers in the wind. You aren’t able to get them back, no matter how hard you try. That statement looking back holds so much weight in relation to friends, family, significant others, and even strangers you meet.  Upon analyzing my half a century, there isn’t anything I would take back. A beautiful thing that age and time gives you is wisdom. If you wish to change the past, or live your life reflecting on what could have been, but surely could not be, you will cause yourself an insurmountable amount of unnecessary pain. When I was young, when I was a new mother, and even at my turn of the century, life seems to give this ere feeling that it’s is in such a rush to get there, but its destination is no where, and fast. I truly wish my younger self would have sought the beauty in the simple, grounded things in life, stopping and smelling the flowers, even the simplicity in star gazing. And the extraordinary realization that it won’t cost a thing to slow down and just breathe. Here are a few things I wished my younger self had known.

  • You weren’t fat! Similar to now there is a society induced, mind altering standard that is imposed on us all. Sometimes you need to stop and look at genetics. You cannot alter the hips that your momma gave you.
  • There is no ‘normal’. We are all unique and imperfectly ourselves, which makes our lives so beautiful. If everyone looked the same, spoke the same, and thought the same, we would have no reason for social interaction because everyone would be THE SAME. Bask in your indifferences, because they make life worth seeing.
  • There is no sure fire way to happiness for every young person. Some are ambitious, some are shy, some want to be backwoodsman. And not one of them is wrong. I would have liked my younger self to know she would have found her happiness sooner or later. If you knew every detail of the future, and could anticipate every high and low, I am not sure life would be very exciting. But I think I would have appreciated a little heads up that life would be this perfectly imperfect.

Maybe this wasn’t a letter just for my younger self. This is a letter to those who are 16, 37, or any other age who are looking for a little reassurance. Just around the next corner, riverbend, or even the half a next century, beautiful things are waiting for you.

P.S It’ll be alright.

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