My Sons Fought Over An Imaginary Toy

“Logic will get you from A-Z; imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein

From a young age my sons were extremely different from each other. The oldest needed constant attention, dependent, and didn’t seem to have much of an imagination. While my second child, had a vivid imagination, this resulted in his possession of a collection of imaginary toys.

The perks of a child having imaginary toys, they were free, space saving, and they shouldn’t have been much arguing in regards to sharing said toys. Well, my sons found a way to show me that I misunderstood the rules of imaginary toys.

One day, my second son was occupying himself with his imaginary toys and began to fall into a fit. Rushing over to see what the arguing and crying was about I was shocked by what was unfolding.

Location: Living Room

Culprit: Oldest son

Victim? The younger one

Here is how the story goes;

Youngest son: “He took my toy!”

Me: (looking absolutely lost at what is unfolding before me) “What toy?”

I surveyed the situation, my oldest son didn’t have a toy in his hands, but was fiddling his hands around some air. I jumped to the conclusion (my suspicions were later confirmed) my oldest took his imaginary toy! They continued to argue about the stolen toy, and demanded it be returned. Which I then in turn made him return the imaginary toy. Oh, the joys and sanity of motherhood.

Picture what this would look like; fighting over a toy that doesn’t exist, and me demanding that toy be returned.

While I hoped this would insight some laughter, what this taught me was a lesson about my kids. A child’s imagination is something that may be fed and nurtured to flourish, that day I noticed something was missing; my eldest’s imagination. What he discovered that day was one more way to bug his brother, and it worked!

Welcome to this crazy life.

P.S you’ll be alright


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