Mommy Time

“Remember that children, marriages, and gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr

I may not be very good at this blogging life. Instead of giving advice, I like to take the non-confrontational route. H. Jackson Brown Jr spoke words that are timeless. “Remember that children, marriages, and gardens reflect the kind of care they get.” Why is that so? When you neglect any of those facets it’ll show sooner or later, and with a devastating final product.

How to do it all? Do you have to be superwoman to get everything done in a day? Or possibly more hours in a day?

Personally I don’t believe more hours in our day would solve the problem at all. We would find a hundred more tasks to do, and pile them on by the dozen. So what is the solution? I don’t have one. I think that there are time saving solutions, and many tactics written by wonderful authors, but none of them were my solution. I think as humans we are created to adapt, fight, and conquer. Here is why, if you are drowning, your bodies natural instinct is to fight, putting all your strength into fighting that tide, the fight to keep breathing. I think when maternal instincts kicks in that natural instinct is just amplified to the moon, in retrospect of when things need to be done, or cared for.

Should you have priorities? OF COURSE! But I am not the one to tell you what they should be. I think you have to identify within yourself whats important, and what is absent or being deprived of in your life. If it is doing your hair or makeup in the morning before your day starts, but you don’t have the time because of your young children? Depending on the age of your children, and or the time you went to sleep, waking up 10 minutes earlier may just do the trick. The internet has a plethora of “5 minute make up” tutorials to follow. Maybe it is to have a meal with your significant other without the children, waking up early to maybe have a cup of coffee before work. While these aren’t priorities to most people, maybe they would make the difference between a good day, and a great day. My place of refuge/hiding from the children was in the restroom, the downside was we only had one restroom, I couldn’t hideout for long. To my surprise, these getaways never worked, but they were worth a try.

Whether your priorities lists kids, spouse, work, self, or any other mixture or concoction. A vital truth is your kids, marriage, and garden may suffer, but SO WILL YOU without the proper care. We have the obligation to provide for our family, and that does mean working, so I am not sitting in my entitled seat telling you one responsibility is more important than the other, and you should neglect everything and simply care for yourself, but I think that stepping back may help to shed some light on a few things.

As a family unit (again, varies by age of children) find even 10 minutes to spare with each other, or away from each other. Time will fly by and before you know it, your babies are no longer babies, and you’ll have to think about how you spent your time. This may have not been the most informative article you read this year, but I hope it shared a thing or two about time. Time is one of our most precious commodities, all the money in the world cannot buy you more of it.

Find something beautiful in your day, and take some time to reflect on it.

P.S You’ll be alright


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